Friday, December 21, 2012

iPAD Connect or AirServer - & the Camera APP

Has anyone heard of iPAD Connect or AirServer?  

This client-server technology is currently being used at Bergen Arts & Science Charter High School.   The scenario is a bit different there. All students and Instructors are issued an iPAD with the AIRServer client APP pre-installed.   This APP gives the Instructor the freedom to walk around the classroom with their iPAD and display any student’s work on a Smart Board or projector.  With AirServer  Instructors can project images without using a VGA cable.

 Science Instructors also use the CAMERA App to show any hands-on demos: such as  creating atoms with skittles. It makes it easier to see even from the back of the room; better than having everyone gather around.

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  1. I have just begun to use the iPad in the classroom and have found SimpleMind+ to be a useful tool. It helps my students create visual maps (webs) of curricula in an Education course that I teach.
    SimpleMind+, a Mind Mapping app, is easy to use and is a great resource for any subject.
    I am also using a number of apps designed for preschoolers, which my students analyze for their effectiveness in teaching developmentally appropriate skills.

    Robin Singer