Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Khan Academy App for supplemental or Flipped Classroom

KHAN Academy App offers thousand of videos with the goal of providing complete mastery, filling in any gaps in knowledge.  There are categories of instructional videos for Math, Science, Economics, Humanities. Students can pause and repeat as often as needed. Plus the absence of a face is actually helpful to autistic students, since it avoids sensory overload that can interfere with their learning.   Khan videos can be used as a supplemental resource or for flipping the classroom. Has anyone used them in their classes?

iPAD Innovation and challenges changes the college

Bloomfield College currently has a 30 student iPAD pilot for Journalism classes.   The cost of the  iPad is charged as a fee, just like a book fee.  According to Prof. Nutter, "innovation changes the college".
Her students use the  iPad to access News sources.  News APPs included CNN, NPR, CBS, MSNBS, NYTimes, and 60 Minutes.  I will definitely be downloading the 60 Minutes App into my Flipboard . Now I don't have to worry about missing my Sunday episode.  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary App provides pronunciation of words and was helpful for her ESL students. They also used the  Voice Recorder HD App to practice giving interviews and Teleprompter App to practice delivering the news. 

There was alot of administrative management involved initially to setup this new technology and track the APPs. As long as they purchased APPs  in quantities greater than 20, they earned the 50% discount.  They had to create a volume purchase administrative Apple account to buy the Apps.  Then they had to track the codes for each App for each individual student. They also had to create a separate Wifi network to allow the student to print using the Wifi printer.