1. Since I picked up my iPad in December, I have been searching for nursing simulation apps to use in the clinical environment with my nursing students. So far no luck finding simulation apps. Most of the apps I did find are designed for medical students and do not seem to address the nursing aspect of patient care.
    However, what I did find are some interesting apps in iTunes containing various videos related to the course content nursing students experience in the clinical area. These apps were added to my iTunes U library. They include:
    Health Library - Stanford University
    Geriatric Grand Rounds - Advances in Aging Research
    Emergency Medicine Lectures
    Respiratory Care
    Iowa Geriatric Education Center
    Now I need to review these videos and decide how to use them in the clinical and classroom environment.
    Maria Fressola

  2. Subject: Prognosis : Diabetes App

    For use with I pads in the classroom.
    I've been using the app "Prognosis : Diabetes", which contains 14 clinical case scenarios on Diabetes, with detailed discussions.

    Prognosis : Diabetes is completely free - read about it at:

    Prognosis : Diabetes for the iPhone and iPad:

    Prognosis : Diabetes for Android:

  3. There is also a free cardiac App at the same site as the Diabetes above. Here is the link: