Friday, December 21, 2012

iPAD Connect or AirServer - & the Camera APP

Has anyone heard of iPAD Connect or AirServer?  

This client-server technology is currently being used at Bergen Arts & Science Charter High School.   The scenario is a bit different there. All students and Instructors are issued an iPAD with the AIRServer client APP pre-installed.   This APP gives the Instructor the freedom to walk around the classroom with their iPAD and display any student’s work on a Smart Board or projector.  With AirServer  Instructors can project images without using a VGA cable.

 Science Instructors also use the CAMERA App to show any hands-on demos: such as  creating atoms with skittles. It makes it easier to see even from the back of the room; better than having everyone gather around.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

High School Science APPs

I recently attended an Educational Technology Conference held at William Paterson University. The morning session was presented by an AP Biology teacher from Bergen Arts and Science Charter. She recommended the following Science Apps, that I think could be relevant for our students. Most are free or small fee.
  • BrainPop - when I commented that this interface appeared juvenile, the instructor said that her Senior students love it. & it's free.
  • BLAUSEN Medical - College Level APP $14 
  • Nova Elements – periodic table 
  • Coaster Physics App
  • FROG Dissection – simulation $3.99 
  • Molecule 
  • 3D cell stain 
  • iBOOKS – video embedded textbooks Has anyone used any of these in their classes?